As one of my part-part-part time gigs (it's mostly a hobby, really) I keep JoBlo's & Arrow's Horror DVD section completely updated and looking all nifty. Only takes a few hours a month and it helps me to keep track of what's coming up -- in addition to helping all the other horror nerds stay up to date. I mention this only because I was doing an update recently ... and I couldn't help but notice ... how many awesome horror DVDs have been announced for the next few months. They lead right up until the end of October! It's really weird!

Anyway, I thought I'd take a few moments and port most of the highlights over here (just August for now!), just so you gorehounds know when to descend upon the video stacks with fangs akimbo. (Yeah, I said it.) And since I'm starting this little project on the final day of July, let's begin at the most obvious place:

August 7th

From Universal we get a two-disc Darkman Trilogy set, from MGM a Bubba Ho-tep re-issue that includes a mini Elvis jacket, from Paramount the MTV-produced thriller Beneath, from DreamWorks the surprise hit Disturbia, and from Paramount a back catalog double feature (Friday the 13th 1 & 2) and a triple feature (April Fool's Day, Graveyard Shift and Tales from the Darkside: The Movie).

August 14th

Anchor Bay unleashes two new Masters of Horror episodes (Valerie on the Stairs and We All Scream for Ice Cream) and another (yes, another) re-issue of the original Halloween. Elite doles out Savage Harvest 2: October Blood, Sony delivers the highly underrated Vacancy (complete with wretched cover art), and Universal presents a few more double and triple features: the oddly incongruous Halloween 2 / Halloween 3: Season of the Witch; the amazingly bad End of Days / Virus; Anthony Perkins slumming downward in Psycho 2 / Psycho 3 / Psycho 4: The Beginning; Tales from the Crypt'sBordello of Blood / Demon Knight; John Carpenter's They Live / Prince of Darkness / Village of the Damned; and a strange triple set that includes Ghost Story, The Legacy and The Sentinel. Amazon doesn't have those last ones listed yet, but they're still a bargain, even for crappy movies!

August 21st

Not a whole heck of a lot on the horror front -- unless you're dying to see Molly Ringwald go psycho in Malicious, that is. Lionsgate has one called Borderline Cult that I'll definitely rent. Beyond a newly-repackaged Rob Zombie Collection, it's just a lame DVD week for the gorehounds. OK, here's some good news: Today you can get the swanky-looking 20th Anniversary Edition of Robocop! (I know I am.)

August 28th

Even skimpier than last week, if you can believe that. (But just you wait until September. The article will be triple the length!) Dark Sky unleashes a sick-looking German import called Antibodies, fans of the old series Dark Shadows will have something to savor, Synapse presents the awesomely-titled Horrors of Malformed Men, and Anchor Bay -- just as we knew they would -- presents a complete Season One set of Masters of Horror. Plus there's an exclusive extras disc, so you MOH collectors might want to start listing those one-discers on eBay right now.

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