Now that the Wolverinespin-off has a director -- Oscar winner Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) -- it's time to sharpen up the claws and get the thing into production. Filming could begin as early as this Fall, and Wizard has an in-depth guide to what will be happening in front of the lens -- though much of it is unconfirmed. As far as the plot goes, there's still not much that's official, but as we've heard before, the thing is a prequel and may be set in the 1980s, or 17 years before the X-Menmovies begin. There's also word that we'll see Logan in Vietnam with Team X. Personally, I'd rather they stress the character's longevity by placing him in WWII, but I think Vietnam works fine. Then again, I'd also prefer they skipped the origin story altogether and just have a quality Wolverine solo story. Actually my friends and I were talking this past weekend about how we most want to see a Wolverine and Jubilee adventure.

While Jubilee isn't expected or rumored to be anywhere near this movie, Wizard addresses those characters that may show up. As long as they're wasting time with the Weapon X origin storyline, we'll definitely be seeing Brian Cox return as William Stryker. Of course they could want to recast the guy so he's younger -- this would make more sense -- but supposedly Cox has been contacted about reprising the part. Tyler Mane has also admitted to being in talks to come back as Sabretooth, or at least Victor Creed, who becomes Sabretooth. Vinnie Jones, who played Juggernaut in the third X-Men movie has also been in talks. No other actors from the previous movies are expected to make cameos. Rumored characters we haven't yet seen include John Wraith (aka Kestrel) and Fred Dukes (aka The Blob). I'm guessing that at least of the Team X members, Silver Fox will also have to show up as a love interest for Wolvie. I'd read in the past that we'd be seeing the storyline involving her death at the hands of Creed, and now it sounds like a good possibility.

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