While there are some truly amazing women within the world of film, the fact of the matter is that they just don't get even half the recognition they deserve. Which of the following is easier for you to list, the cinematic achievements of women or men? Can you rattle off just as many prominent female directors as you can male ones? How about screenwriters? Producers? If you want, take the game on-screen -- can you list as many famous professional female characters as you can list male ones? Or, just within the realm of women, can you list as many secure, professional females as you can, say, strippers?

It's no wonder that every year around Oscar time, the Guerrilla Girls come out in full force. And really, who can blame them considering the stats? Only three women have ever been nominated for a Best Director Oscar, none of them won and 94% of writing awards have gone to men (as of this Spring's attempts to show the imbalance in cinema awards). But the thing is, the women are out there. They exist. They make stunning achievements in the world of film, and we barely hear about them.

So it's great that for the last ten years, Variety has been putting up a spotlight of the industry's top females who "have reverberated beyond their own spheres of influences" and that they "illustrate why we consider them at the top of their game." Obviously, only listing four or five is going to leave a lot of talent off, but it's not hard to look at the list and start thinking: "What about Sarah Polley? Amy Berg? Deepa Mehta?" What is, perhaps, most missed on the list is the continuing impressive efforts of female documentary filmmakers who have exploded on the ever-expanding documentary scene -- taking not only the world of docs, but the Oscars as well, by storm.

Some women in film haven't reverberated, so to speak, by covering the pages of newspapers, but that doesn't mean that their actions and accomplishments are any less awe-inspiring. What follows after the cut are indie women who make the grade -- they're award-winners, visionaries, fighters. But they're only the next layer. Comment with the women in cinema that inspire you, because really, we can't expect them to ever have a name if we don't spend the time talking them up.