He's done drama (Stranger Than Fiction) and he's done musicals (The Producers), but Will Ferrell in a ... sports comedy? Get OUT! Next thing you know, he'll start running around in the buff, and then hell will truly freeze over.

Aw, I kid because I love. Ferrell is a man who knows what works for him, and that's physical comedy and situations in which an everyday guy triumphs despite seemingly insurmountable a) odds, b) villainy, c) stupidity (not necessarily in that order). And man, is he good at it. In his next movie, Semi-Pro, he plays a failed basketball player who returns to the site of his former glory -- his hometown of Flint, Michigan -- to coach his old semi-pro team to the playoffs. It's just like Roger and Me, with Ferrell as Michael Moore and basketball as the auto industry. Or, uh, something.

Not only is this movie totally in Ferrell's wheelhouse, but it's also written by Old School scribe Scot Armstrong, which gives it loads of street cred -- well, even more than it already had. On top of that, it co-stars Woody Harrelson, Will Arnett, Rob Corddry, Andre Benjamin and Maura Tierney. On top of THAT ... dude. The 'fro. It's all about the 'fro. Check it out in our exclusive poster below, and click on the image to get the full-size deal. Semi-Pro opens on Leap Year Day (heh, I just got that): Feb. 29, 2008.

Semi-Pro poster

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