It looked like Danny Strong was going to hit it out of the park for his first written feature (or heck, film of any kind), the made-for-television Recount. Yes, I'm talking about the same Strong who played uber-geek Jonathan on Buffy, and Paris' main man Doyle on Gilmore Girls. In April, Sydney Pollack, of Tootsie fame, had signed onto direct the feature, which delves into the infamous Florida recount during the 2000 federal election. The plan was to begin shooting this fall, but now the project has lost its famed director.

Reuters has reported that the 73-year-old Pollack has withdrawn from the film, citing an undisclosed illness. While he will stay on as an executive producer, Leslie Dart is quoted as saying: "He's got some medical issues. He's not feeling well right now. It would be unrealistic for him to go into production right away." The project is a political drama that will focus on the "personal stories of ordinary people caught up in the acrimonious ballot recounts in Florida." Like The Queen, Recount will use archive footage to further the story. Considering the fact that the film will not focus on the headlining names, it'll be interesting to see what Strong has cooked up. Should no further challenges slow the project, we should expect the film just in time for next year's election.
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