I already got my big wish a few years ago when Christian Bale took over the world of Batman. I had actually had a very long conversation with a friend the year before about who was perfect for all the epic superheroes, and Bale was my favorite overall pick. After Batman Begins came out, I mused about Maggie Gyllenhaal taking over for Katie Holmes. (I loved the crazy Mrs. Cruise long ago, in flicks like The Ice Storm, but not so much these days.) But no, Maggie couldn't because she would be perfect as Lois Lane. Well, she's not Superman's object of affection, but she is, delightfully, Rachel Dawes in the next film, The Dark Knight. Then comes Heath Ledger -- not someone I ever thought would be the Joker, but man, he sounds so perfect. He can be creepy and stoic, and young and wacky, so I'm hoping that he'll be, at least, half as good as I imagine.

If Paul Brichard (who was a day player on the production in the East End of London) is to be believed, we've got nothing to worry about. I'll let it come straight from the guy's mouth, which was posted over at James Israel's indieWIRE blog:

As regards to how Heath Ledger *seemed* as the Joker, he seemed like he WAS the Joker, and didn't need to let anyone know it - rather contained, but ready to explode at any moment in an unexpected fashion. Menacing, but more because he seemed like he was probably crazy, and maybe violent, rather than that he was TRYING to scare you. (and by the way, all he did during the scenes I was in was sit in his holding cell, reacting and listening...so, he's a very fine actor if I imbibed all this from just watching him sit there...) He didn't talk a lot between takes, but he also wasn't "Don't approach me!" in his manner - a real pro, in other words.

In short, he seemed just like the Joker SHOULD seem.

Now if only we didn't have to wait a whole year to see for ourselves ... Fie patience!

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