As odd as it may sound, I've never watched an episode of Jonny Quest. While I'm fully aware of the show, there was something about the adopted Indian kid, and a dog, and a weird scientist -- not to mention the little blonde kid who looked way too cute and innocent to be going on all these adventures. But that's not stopping Hollywood (who've been itching to resurrect old, vintage cartoons as of late) from turning the 1960s animated series into a new live-action extravaganza. Like they're doing with next summer's Speed Racer, Warner Bros. has decided it's time for Jonny to take off on another quest, and Variety reportsHitman producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter have signed on to produce the flick based on the cartoon created by the great Hanna-Barbera. Dan Mazeau (Land of Lost Things) will pen the script.

There's no word on a director or a cast yet (will Zac Efron dye his hair blonde and play Jonny?!); all we know is that the film will feature young Jonny, his scientist father, his adopted Indian brother, Bandit the bulldog and a government agent assigned to protect them while out investigating scientific mysteries. I know the cartoon has tons of fans (so much so that Cartoon Network revived the show and DC came out with a Quest-related comic), but live action? In what world would the government be keen on two kids, a dog and some scientist dude running around (on the government's dime?), trying to solve mysteries? I guess the same could be said for a lot of movies, but this one has definitely piqued my curiosity. Not surprisingly, Warners is also looking to turn this into a family-friendly franchise should the first film be successful. Are you a big Jonny Quest fan? What do you think about a live-action flick?

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