Being one to not leave his fans hanging, Kevin Smith has responded to those claims that Rosario Dawson will not be starring opposite (Smith's keeping this a secret for now) in his upcoming comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno. MTV Movies Blog first reported the news; they had asked Dawson about Zack and Miri during an interview, and she basically told them that her schedule would not permit it. She had signed onto the film Eagle Eye (to be directed by D.J. Caruso based off an idea from Steven Spielberg), and since skipping that film would force her to sit on her ass for a few months waiting for Zack and Miri to start, it just wasn't meant to be. With the threat of a strike and all, who can blame her?

Smith certainly doesn't. And while he's bummed out about not being able to cast the girl he wrote the part for, he also goes on to talk about how this same exact thing has happened to him on practically every film he's directed. He says: "I rewrote "Dogma" with Joey Lauren Adams in mind for the lead and Sam Jackson as Rufus. The parts wound up going to Linda Fiorentino and Chris Rock instead. I wrote the first fifty pages of "Jersey Girl" for Bill Murray and Joey Lauren Adams. The parts wound up going to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. I wrote "Clerks II" with my wife Jen in mind to play Becky. Then, we went to Liv Tyler, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ellen Pompeo, and Sarah Silverman, before ultimately casting... Rosario Dawson. And Rosario did such an amazing job in that flick, that I wanted to put her in the next flick - "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" But alas, it's not to be."

According to Smith, Zack and Miri is currently scheduled to begin shooting in January, with pre-production gearing up somewhere around early November. That leaves plenty of time to find a new female lead, and while I adore Dawson just as much as the next guy (I swear, I have dreams about that dance in Clerks 2), there are plenty of other fish in the sea. God, I feel like I'm giving my friend advice after his prom date ditched him at the last minute for a bottle of tequila and a dude with a trust fund. And speaking of proms, Smith also posted a ton of photos from his 37th birthday bash -- including pics of his MILF, er, wife, daughter and tons of other partygoers. Happy B-Day Kev, and here's hoping your belated gift comes in the form of an actress that will totally kill in the role.

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