Earlier this year, the film world was buzzing about Peter Jackson's lawsuit against New Line for unpaid cash from the huge Lord of the Rings series. Jackson and Bob Shaye batted back and forth for a while, and then the story faded into the ether. Now we've got a new lawsuit to chew on, but this one took a few years to come together. Word has it that Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Nia Vardalos have come together to sue one of the producers of their huge hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, for owed profits. The suit is asking for full accounting for the film's profits and unspecified damages for the trio, because "The accounting statements rendered by defendants have been vague and inadequate in failing to provide information consistent with industry standards." (Gotta love legal talk!)

As we know, Vardalos wrote and starred in the movie, while couple Hanks and Wilson produced it along with Gary Goetzman. They claim that they are still owed their "share of net profits" -- the lawsuit says that the movie cost $5 mil, we know that the film grossed well over $350 million and they say that Gold Circle Films claims that the gross receipts total $287 million. That's a bit of a discrepancy. Of course, the company is saying that the suit is bull, or rather, "frivolous" and "completely without merit." If they get anywhere with this case, the cash will be awfully handy, since they're coming together again for Vardalos' next project -- My Life in Ruins.