Remember the last time Nicole Kidman starred in a ghost story directed by a South American-born filmmaker? That's right, we got The Others, one of the best supernatural horror pics of the last decade (it must be pointed out, of course, that Alejandro Amenábar only lived in South America for his first year). Well, the actress has a similar project in the works, as she's just signed on with Universal to co-produce and star in a remake of Juan Felipe Orozco's Al final de espectro(aka At the End of the Spectra). Orozco will actually be coming to Hollywood from Colombia to re-do his own film, though only as director. The script for the remake is unfortunately being handled by Fernley Phillips, who wrote The Number 23. But there's still a chance for some Others quality since Rick Schwartz, who executive produced that film, is also producing this. He most recently co-produced The Departed. Other producers for At the End of the Spectra (this isn't Universal's official title, which is unknown) include Dark Water's Roy Lee and Doug Davison.

Like in Dark Water -- and other films, like Poltergeist III -- Spectra involves a haunted apartment building. Variety sums up the synopsis as about a woman (Kidman) who becomes a reclusive shut-in following a tragedy and begins seeing a ghost. I prefer the full, official synopsis for the original film, which Twitchfilm got off the Colombian Ministry of Culture website. It doesn't really say much more, but it says it much better. You can also check out the Spanish-language trailer for the original over at Twitchfilm (or on Youtube). As you'll see, even in Colombia they know to feature a creepy bathtub scene -- it isn't just a Hollywood convention. With The Invasionarriving in theaters soon, I have a feeling my appetite will grow for more scary movies starring Kidman. Hopefully they can get this one out quick -- but still with enough time to make it worth seeing.

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