Since we turned into this century, Ryan Gosling has been pretty busy with dramas -- thriller, sports, crime, drugs, romance -- you name it. The work has built him a pretty cushy career, which is only helped by the fact that his role in Half Nelson gained him an Oscar nomination. But if you're Canadian, or spent time in the land of the maple leaf in the '90s, he's the kid from Breaker High -- the show about kids who go to school on a cruise ship (check out the old credit sequence here to see Gosling all young and stuff). He's finally breaking out of the dreary, for some fun of a much more adult variety -- if you haven't heard yet, he's starring in a little indie flick called Lars and the Real Girl.

By real girl, they mean real doll. Yes, the guy who romanced Rachel McAdams in The Notebook is now romancing an inanimate object, and no, she doesn't seem to come to life like Kim Cattrall did. The premise is simple -- guy is lonely, so he gets himself a doll. But instead of delighting in Bianca's "company" in the privacy of his home, he makes everyone accept her as his girlfriend. There was recently a clip of the film on ET, and Defamer has now thrown it up. The scenes show everyone freaking out about Bianca, and the fact that this guy is pretending that the sex doll is a real person. He tells everyone she's a missionary (get the joke?), and he carts her around in a wheelchair. While the premise is definitely interesting, it's Gosling's performance that is making the film particularly tasty. If the whole movie is half as good as the current scenes, I have a feeling this man is going to be huge for a very long time.