No, it's not a biopic on Eddie Murphy's latest big-screen role choices. Variety reports that Thomas Haden Church has joined Murphy in Nowhereland, a comedy for Paramount that's already set a release date of September 26, 2008. We previously told you that Murphy would be starring in the flick, with Karey Kirkpatrick (or "KK" as we used to call him back in the schoolyard) signed on to direct. In the film, Murphy will play a once successful financial exec whose career winds up in the crapper. From there things take a strange turn as Murphy's character finds the answers to his problems "within the magical world created by his daughter."

I know, they're traveling to the DMV -- that's what I thought too! But I gather it will be a tad more inventive than that. Sandman, er, Church will play Murphy's ambitious rival at work, and the film also reunites Kirkpatrick and Church; both worked together on Kirkpatrick's 2006 directorial debut, Over the Hedge. You hear Murphy's name, you hear Over the Hedge, and you begin thinking "Did I leave the gun loaded?" However, the good news is that the film was scripted by the on-again off-again writing team of Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson -- two guys who brought us the totally awesome (and very imaginative) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Solomon also penned Men in Black, and so I do have hope that Nowhereland will turn into Somethingland. Paramount is giving it a late September release, clearly avoiding the August comedy rush. That either means a) they have enough faith to release it during Oscar hunting season or b) they want to keep it as far away from potential competition as possible. I'd opt for the latter.

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