Just when I'm getting tired of all the secrets, rumors and reveals surrounding 'Cloverfield', J.J. Abramshas announced another movie he's producing. Does this mean we can begin over-hyping looking forward to another crazy marketing plan? I don't know, but considering all the noise for both 'Cloverfield' and Star Trek, we should expect more of the same from Abrams and his company, Bad Robot. It isn't surprising that this new project was announced without any plot synopsis given -- nor any title. The only thing known is that it will be a supernatural thriller and that Joshua Marston (Maria Full of Grace) will write and direct. This is still more than we know about four other Bad Robot movies. According to Variety, the production company has seven movies in development at Paramount, including a comedy, a romantic comedy, a horror film and a supernatural film (possibly different than this one). I'm guessing that the Lostmovie isn't one of those counted, either.

Despite the secrecy, I'm eager to see what comes of this shrouded pitch, and I'm very glad to see that Joshua Marston is actually going to deliver another film. It's been four years since he won tons of accolades for Maria Full of Grace, and I'd love to see what else he's got. He's still apparently working hard on an adaptation of Jonathan Lethem's novel The Fortress of Solitude, but that project has been very slow. As for that Iraqi Convoy Project we heard about two years ago, it must be dead (although, if you type in "Iraqi Convoy" into the IMDb.com search, you get this). It is possible that this new project will take priority and be Marston's next movie. Bad Robot is expected to produce two projects a year for Paramount, and they've already got two lined up for 2008 (bookending the year in January and December), so maybe "Untitled Joshua Marston Supernatural Thriller" will be due in '09.

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