Have you ever wanted to have a brew or two with Brett, and then, as the music got soft and the candles flickered, you'd look in his eyes and tell him, in a low, even voice, what you thought of X-Men 3? You can, but you'll have to find your wallet first; Ebay is auctioning off a dinner with Brett Ratner. Apparently, 9 pre-approved bidders have already bumped the price from a starting bid of $500 to $1125. The copy for this charity dinner is possibly more luscious than the entrees will be: "Brett Ratner is hot. He is $1 billion in box office ticket sales hot....Want to know how he got started in the movie business? Want to know what it's like to make blockbuster movies? What about what it's like to be Brett living the life in Beverly Hills? He wants to be your dinner companion where you can chat about these things and more. From fans of his films, to aspiring directors, the winner here will get some insider conversation that entertainment publications would love to be privy to (sic)."

You can also bid on a walk-on role (read: Bar Patron # 17) for one of his next films, and the money supposedly goes toward a good cause: 70 percent is donated to the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance, to help fund its upcoming exhibit "How to Tolerate Brett Ratner's Films." The 70 percent leaves 30 percent for limos, hair gel, duking the bus boy and what not. Here's what you get ... and how far it goes afterward is between you and him, though there are ground rules: no transportation or hotel expenses paid; it takes place sometime in the next year, the dinner will last approximately 2 hours, and could be "his favorite dive or perhaps a 5 star restaurant." You can bring up to 2 items for him to sign, and Brett may bring a friend or two. C'mon, what do I hear?

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