Considered to be the third best American film of all time by the American Film Institute, Casablanca is a classic -- even if fans can't get the quotes right. It's also one that I think could infuriate a lot of people if it ever got remade -- that being said, we're getting a remake -- but one quite far away from our North American shores. Indian director Rajeev Nath is going to make a Bollywood remake called Ezham Mudra (The Seventh Seal). This isn't the first time Nath has surprised people with his plans. You might remember him making waves when he thought about casting Paris Hilton as Mother Theresa. You gotta give the guy credit for thinking outside the box!

Nath says: "As a student of films, I had watched this great classic 20 times." It's not quite the viewing numbers of ultimate fandom, but the man has other things to do. The plan for this remake is to switch it up a little -- exchanging the Tangiers-inspired Rick's Cafe for a beachside restaurant in India and WWII for the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka (where Tamils have been fighting for a separate homeland). That being said, the film won't delve into the politics of the conflict, but just use it as a modern backdrop. Starring Suresh Gopi in Bogey's role and Mandira Bedi in Ingrid Bergman's role, Ezham Mudra will start shooting next month for release next year. I wonder if it will be dark and shadowy, like the original, or infused with that Bollywood color?

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