I just don't know... Christopher Walken as a conman? He's Annie Hall's suicidal brother. He's the dancing pimp from Pennies from Heaven. Sometimes, he even sees the future. Walken is the farmer looking for Sarah, Plain and Tall. He's known for his uber comedic roles like zany inventor Calvin Webber in Blast from the Past. He's not a criminal. When has he everdonesomething like that? Heh, I kid. While it is entirely not surprising that Walken has just signed on to play a conman in a new film, it is nice to see him get a starring role.

Walken and Alessandro Nivola (Laurel Canyon) have signed on to star in Five Dollars a Day. It's a road movie about an older conman (Walken) who is proud that he can life on $5 a day, and his son (Nivola) who has gotten thrown in the slammer for one of his dad's crimes. Variety says that the con artist is pitted "against his more conservative son," so perhaps Nivola will try to bring his dad down in exchange for his own freedom? According to IMDb, the flick's about them reuniting and going on a cross-country road trip together, so we'll see. Nigel Cole, the man who brought us Calendar Girls, will direct the feature, from a script by Neal andTippi Dobrofsky. The movie will head into production in New Mexico and Atlantic City next month.
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