If you don't know what Anna Faris' Playboy project is about, this might seem shocking. Colin Hanks in a Playboy movie? How risque! But no, this project is about bunny (Faris) who gets canned from her life of boobs and leisure at the Playboy Mansion, and decides to become the house mother for a "nerdy" sorority at UCLA. (The quotes will be explained soon.) Hanks, unsurprisingly, will play Faris' love interest, so at least he's going to get some on-screen play from a Playboy bunny. Also added to the cast is Monet Mazur as an "evil Playboy bunny," Kiely Williams as one of Faris' sorority members (whose shyness prompts her to communicate by notes and texts), Tyson Ritter as a mysterious frat guy, Owen Benjamin as a butler who will be seduced by Mazur, Rachel Specter as a member of the bitchy sorority and Beverly D'Angelo as the house mom that house.

As Erik previouslystated, this flick has the potential of being a modern-day twist on Revenge of the Nerds. Or, at least it did. This cast is flipping ridiculous. They've taken a whole ton of attractive young actresses, and we're supposed to buy them as nerds because one wears a back brace (Rumer Willis), another is a pierced feminist (Kat Dennings) and another is too shy to speak? Come on. Sure, it's the ol' Hollywood tradition -- throw some glasses, or something else equally superfluous, on a girl and suddenly she's not-hot. But do we need to see it continue? No. Revenge was great because the guys were nerdy! I want to set these guys down and force them to watch Freaks and Geeks.
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