The calm before the storm has ended, and now it's time to get ready for some Balls of Fury. At the end of last year, Scott Weinberg and I posted about the insane ping-pong film that has Christopher Walken looking like, in Scott's words, someone who looked like they just walked off Dracula: The Spoof. Then, as is usually the case, things calmed down for a bit. But now we're less than a month away from the flick's August 29 release date, and the buzz is brewing once again. Chris Ullrich covered the film at ComicCon, and now VH1 has an interview up where MTV chatted with the film's star -- Dan Fogler.

It's a pretty entertaining interview, and entirely appropriate for the subject at hand. You won't hear about the delicate operations of filmmaking. Instead, Shawn Adler talks with the actor about training and techniques for ping pong: "people might say it's just a matter of a turn of the wrist, but for me it's all moxy, blood, sweat and tears," and then a whole "balls" riff -- trying to think up the best movie title if one of the nouns is replaced with "balls." Juvenile, but amusing. Funnily enough, the actor goes on to talk about Christopher Walken, and muses over a potential future film where the duo go on a road trip "Thelma and Louise-style." I bet he hasn't heard about the man's latest project, which is similar -- without the army chase and "cosmic explosions." And finally, I know you all were wondering what Mr. Walken smells like. According to Fogler: "He's got a certain smell, a real Walken-y kind of smell... I'd say lilac and orange peels." Yum.

And lastly, check out the new poster to the right. Am I the only one reminded of that scene in Heathers where you saw a flash of the two croquet balls and mallet?
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