Delta Air Lines and Gen Art are coming together for the second year in a row to stage a short film competition, and I've got to say that I love the idea. It never occurred to me before, but screening short films on airplanes is brilliant -- what better way (aside from airing before big films) is there to get an audience for shorter fare? The people are strapped in, and they can't go anywhere! The contest, called "Delta's Fly-In Movies," will select five finalists who will get their shorts aired online as well as on the airline's domestic, transcontinental flights. Viewers will then vote on the films, and after all the finalists are flown out to Sundance, the winner will be announced. The big prize: $10,000 cash and a pair of round-trip tickets to any international destination Delta flies to. (But watch out, taxes, fees and restrictions still apply.)

Now, this is cool, but it could be so very much cooler. Five films will get screened on cross-country flights -- but man, they should look into showing the shorts on shorter flights too -- and not just their contest finalists. It would be much better than an old sitcom re-run or old news piece. And, it could extend into bigger-budget shorts as well -- a perfect opportunity to screen both great little-known films and buzzed-about celeb shorts. Hopefully that will come sooner or later, but for now, some lucky travelers will get to see the 5 finalists when they're screened in December and January.

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