I covered the very cool Texas Fearfest for Comcast's FEARnet last March, and one of the very entertaining filmmakers I got to chat with was Feast director John Gulager. (Goofy video interview here.) The guy all but promised a sequel, but since things were still in the very early stages, nothing was even remotely locked in or "news-worthy." (Actors and filmmakers talk sequels all the time, especially in the horror division, and lots of 'em just never materialize.) But here's some pretty excellent news for you Feast-hungry fans: We're probably looking at a pair of sequels!

While talking to Fangoria, Feast and Saw 4 co-writer Marcus Dunston (who was also at Fearfest!) let it be known that on top of the two new Feasts, we can also expect a veritable salad bar of sloppy gore goodness: "Feast 2 and 3 are coming together, with [director John] Gulager back ... with the vulgarities we've currently scripted, and if we don't get deported, we just may have the NC-17-rated monsterfest that was only hinted at in the first film." Dang, sounds good to me!

For those who haven't Feasted yet, I'll remind you that the Project Greenlight flick, while certainly not a flawless piece of genre gristle, is a fast-paced, well-cast, admirably gooey and perfectly enjoyable concoction. Despite the Weinsteins' uncertainty on how to handle the flick, I'd say it's definitely found a place in the gorehounds' collective heart since it hit video last year. Good to know that Dunston, Gulager and co-writer Patrick Melton will be back on board, at the very least. The retention of the original creative team gives one a little more hope than usual.
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