You gotta love that title. Is there a better phrase than Be Kind, Rewindto embody the golden age of VHS rental stores? I've often thought that saying would look pretty retro on a t-shirt. In this new comedy from Jack Black, (and you can check out the trailer at Yahoo) Be Kind, Rewind also happens to be the name of a video store. When Black's character somehow becomes magnetic, he erases the store's entire stock of movies on tape. Rather than simply buy new tapes (too logical and not at all funny), Black and co-star Mos Def proceed to produce their own versions of several Hollywood blockbusters including Ghostbusters, RoboCop,and Driving Miss Daisy. Their homemade remakes become quite popular, transforming the pair into local heroes.

I thought at first this might be a period piece from the pre-DVD era, but since one of the flick's Black and Def mangle hilariously is 2001's Rush Hour 2, the theory doesn't hold water. As funny as the trailer is, I couldn't help wondering if this might be one of those concepts that would work fine as a Saturday Night Live sketch, but would be hard-pressed to fill out a feature. Michel Gondry -- the man behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , which I loved -- is directing, so I have to think he's got something to say here. Be Kind, Rewind is due in U.S. theaters on December 21.