There is just something about Steve Carell that makes him damned perfect poster material. With just a few subtle (or not so subtle) facial expressions, he can turn a normal pose into something much, much more. He did it with The 40 Year Old Virgin, just sitting there smiling -- making a simple pose flipping perfect. Then the Apatow gang tried to do it again with Seth Rogen, who rocks in his own sense, in Knocked Up, but it just wasn't the same. Well, now, Coming Soon has got Steve's poster for Dan in Real Life, and he's done it again. Mind you, it's not quite as perfect, but it's just got that thing -- making those pancakes look like the perfect pillow.

It's been a while since we've covered the flick, so let's catch up. Dan (Carell) is a widower and parenting columnist trying to raise three girls. The current plot outline says: "A widower finds out the woman he fell in love with is his brother's girlfriend." Last year, it was three brothers competing for the woman's affections, so maybe that will still happen too. And yes, oh yes, Juliette Binoche is the lucky lady, with Carell, Dane Cook (her boyfriend) and Norbert Leo Butz playing the brothers. Between Carell and Binoche, there's no way I will miss this. I last saw the French actress in the drama Quelques jours en septembre, and while the topic was serious, her snarky French agent was just great. The woman can do it all. If you need more reasons to look into it, try John Mahoney, Dianne Wiest and Emily Blunt. The flick comes out this October, and in the meantime, there's an E! news clip here and trailer here.*

*Edited to add trailer.