I gotta say, there was a time when actress Gina Gershon was my "freebie" -- a term us married folk use to describe an actor or an actress who we'd be able to shack up with if, ya know, the opportunity were to present itself; no questions asked. Of course, everyone knows that if Gina Gershon suddenly decided that my fat ass was the most attractive thing on the planet -- and that she simply needed to [blank] my brains out right away -- there's no way my wife would be cool with it. "Sure honey, she's your freebie -- have fun doing God knows what with Gina Gershon!" Yeah. That might happen. Gershon has since slipped off my radar a bit, but she's back (and looking hotter than ever) in the new indie flick Delirious, starring someone that's not so hot (but very entertaining to watch), Steve Buscemi.

Anyhoo, big blockbusters aren't the only films testing the viral marketing waters. Delirious director Tom DiCillo has helped put together a pretty hilarious video in which he asks Gina Gershon to come to a hotel room for an interview about the film. Once Gershon is there, she soon realizes that DiCillo's promotional plans are a bit more risque than she had hoped. Yup, he wants her to shoot a porn. From there, things just get nutty -- and, well, you'll have to watch for yourself. In the pic, Buscemi stars as a paparazzi photographer with dreams of making it big time. He soon befriends a homeless kid (Michael Pitt), hires him as an assistant, but then gets jealous when the dude strikes up a relationship with a hot pop star. Gershon plays a casting director who .... spoiler spoiler spoiler. Mmmm .... Gershon. Um, but yeah -- the film arrives in theaters next week. Go see it; I've heard it's a blast. Oh, and beware of foul language. Lots of it.

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