As they have proven in previous years, the producers of the Saw movies aren't content with separating you from your money, they are quite literally out for your blood. The Saw sequels are becoming a Halloween tradition, and Saw IV will be inflicted upon the American public on October 26. Despite my personal view on the series (the first one was OK, but I enjoyed the third one about as much as a Draino enema), I certainly can't deny that the franchise's annual blood drive is a brilliant piece of marketing that benefits a good cause. The first poster promoting the blood drive has just gone up over at As in previous years, the poster features an attractive and slightly sinister looking nurse lit from below. I think the padded wall behind her is a nice touch. You'll notice, of course, that the trademarked red cross emblem is not used (check here for that little bit of hubub from last year).

This year's poster seems to be going for a more hot than haunting look. Is it possible someone thought last year's creepy angels of mercy (click on over to for a look at the previous design, with and without the trademark infringement) were too creepy, potentially scaring away donors? Since 2004, the Saw Give Til It Hurts Blood Drive has collected nearly 38,000 pints of blood. Collection totals have doubled every year. For the 2004 drive, 4,200 pints were collected, in 2005, 10,000 pints were collected, and in 2006, 23,493 pints were collected. Donation centers will be opening on college campuses and other locations nationwide. For more details about the Saw IV blood drive, head over to the American Red Cross's website.
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