The Hollywood Reporter is ... reporting that the great Alec Baldwin has joined the cast of the Dane Cook comedy (isn't that an oxymoron?) Bachelor No. 2. Baldwin was not expected to take on any acting work before resuming his Emmy - nominated role on one of the funniest comedies on television -- 30 Rock -- this month. I guess the opportunity to work on a project of this caliber was too difficult to resist. In the film, Cook will play Tank, a guy who is "hired to take girls on horrible dates so they crawl back to the boyfriends they dumped." Tank "struggles with his libido and the meaning of friendship when his best pal needs his help with the girl who dumped him." That girl will be played by Oscar-nominee Kate Hudson, who you'd think would be fleeing from this genre after the dismal You Me and Dupree.

It took me about five minutes of re-reading the plot descriptions of both films that Bachelor No. 2 is different from the upcoming Cook vehicle Good Luck Chuck. Chuck, opening September 21st, is about a guy who girls want to have sex with so they can meet the man they're going to marry. But then he falls for one of them. Um ... really? These movies don't strike anyone as a trifle similar? Oh well. Cook has got the right idea knocking out as many film roles as he possibly can, while he can. I imagine we're about two years away from never hearing his name again. First-timer Jordan Cahan wrote the script for Bachelor, and Howard Deutch is directing. Deutch had a glorious run directing John Hughes scripts in the 80's -- he did Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, and The Great Outdoors, but it's all kind of been downhill from there. Speaking of Bachelor No. 2, why don't I take this opportunity to recommend the excellent Aimee Mann album of the same name?

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