Every once in a while, it can be fun to spend some time on a meme -- especially when it's only one question. Yesterday Wiley Wiggins (Dazed and Confused, Waking Life) put one up on his blog -- News of the dead -- asking: "Who was your first film crush?" His first crush was Ornella Muti from Flash Gordon. As he so wonderfully describes her: "Muti's Princess Aura had an exoticism and over-the-top sexuality that stood in stark contrast to George Lucas' sexless, nagging Princess Leia." Even Cinematical's Editor Emeritus, Karina Longworth, has joined in, citing Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

But this is Cinematical Indie, so I thought we could do a little switch -- who were your first film crushes on films out of the mainstream? Who made you quiver, ooh and ahh, while others asked: WHO? My first two big film crushes (after a brief thing for Sean Astin in Goonies) happened in the same year, when the films popped up on my television -- 1987. One was a mainstream flop that no one seems to have seen: Fire with Fire (oh, Craig Sheffer!), and the other was Nobody's Fool. No, not that Paul Newman film. This one starred Rosanna Arquette and the ever-delicious Eric Roberts. I was a 10-year-old goner who would watch it on Showtime every chance I got (which was often, because they seemed to play it all the time). Roberts' Riley was both tough and honorable -- the refreshing rough in a sea of boring and repetitive diamonds. He had that glint to his eye -- and paved the way for film crushes outside of the boring blockbuster babes.

But enough about mine, how about yours? Who was your first indie crush?
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