While viral marketing is still in its infant stages, studios are becoming more and more clever when it comes time to promote their films. Next year at this time, I'll probably be writing a post about how boring and uninspiring viral marketing has become, but I'll hold out hope that things will slowly get better -- and more entertaining -- instead of cliche and bland. The latest film to add their name to the viral scene is The Seeker; previously known as The Dark is Rising. Now, it's The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. Based on the book written by Susan Cooper, The Seeker is one of those fantasy flicks geared toward children, and it follows a young boy named Will Stanton who learns he's the last of a group of warriors (better than learning your the last in a long line of janitors). What does it mean to be the last of a group of warriors? Well, it means you're expected to fight the good fight -- in this case, it's battling the forces of the Dark. In order to achieve his goals, Will must travel back and forth through time, collecting clues, until eventually (as is normally the case), he's positioned for a final showdown with evil forces. Beats doing your math homework, I guess.

All that being said, Fox/Walden have kicked off the marketing campaign with a pretty cool game. Basically, they're putting you in Will's shoes. Six signs are embedded in all of the media materials for the film -- this includes the trailer, TV spots and even movie posters. Once you find all six signs, you can log onto the film's official site and use what you've learned to unlock a whole ton of exclusive content, like behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast. You'll need to enter them in the correct sequence, so pay attention to everything you see. That movie poster isn't just a poster -- it's a clue. As is the trailer, and that TV commercial. If you want my advice, begin your journey over at the official website. I love games like this, and since it will be raining here for the next 24 hours, I'll most likely be killing time over there for awhile. The Seeker: The Dark is Rising hits theaters on October 5, 2007 -- which means you have just under two months to unlock all the clues. Good luck, and let us know what you find.