We knew it was coming. With the current trend of adapting '80s cartoons/toys into movies, Voltron: Defender of the Universe was a logical property to bring to the big screen, and we'd already heard that producer Mark Gordon (Talk to Me) was developing something based on the series for awhile (and it wasn't Cloverfield). Thanks to the enormous success of Transformers, though, the project now has the interest of 20th Century Fox, whose New Regency wants to put the project on the fast track. As we've previously known, Justin Marks, who is also penning the new Masters of the Universeand Street Fightermovies, is working on a script. So far, the only thing revealed about Marks' plot is that Voltron will be set in post-apocalyptic New York and Texas following an alien attack. To defend the Earth, five "ragtag" survivors get together to pilot different-colored lion-shaped vehicles, which unite to form a giant robot.

Personally, I always preferred the Voltron made up of vehicles, even before the lion-comprised version started reminding me of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. But then, my preference had more to do with the toys than the cartoon, because I really liked toy cars -- especially transforming toy cars. I doubt I ever saw the vehicle Voltron (aka Voltron of the Near Universe) on TV. Maybe if the first Voltron movie does well, they can add the other Voltrons to the sequels (obviously Fox wants a franchise). Would that even make sense, though? Also if this is successful, I'd like to see the following giant robot movies made: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: The Movie; a remake of Robot Jox; a new Ultraman; GoBots; Robotech; Gundam. And I'm still missing a lot of other great anime that could be adapted.

We should pray that Fox doesn't simply want to cash in on the Transformerspopularity by doing this half-assed and cheap. The effects need to be as good as those in Michael Bay's blockbuster. Also, the thing needs to be as entertaining; there should be a young cast as enjoyable and talented as Shia LaBeouf, not just some hot faces and bodies who would be more appropriate on a soap opera. And I'll just throw this out there: the third act should be less confusing than Transformers. Just because it looks cool and thrills and entertains us, that doesn't mean we have to blindly ignore logic and reason (maybe I'm just an idiot, but I still don't know why Transformers' climax takes place in a metropolis -- and I haven't found anyone to explain it to me, other than "for more damage").
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