This is how you remake a film: update it; change the name; make it just unrecognizable enough to not ruin the original while still retaining the basic storyline. The formula worked in the golden age of Hollywood -- yes there were plenty of remakes then, too -- and it could work for Warner Independent Pictures, the studio behind a planned redo of Enter the Dragon. The new version will be modernized, retitled Awaken the Dragon and it will barely appear to be connected with the Kung Fu classic starring Bruce Lee. Like Enter, Awaken will deal with underground fighting clubs, but other than featuring martial arts it seems totally different -- in an appreciably fresh way. Rather than focusing on an undercover fighter, Awake will follow an FBI agent on the trail of a rogue Shaolin monk. It's now basically a noir film set in the world of Kung Fu. Maybe they should extend the title to Awaken the Dragon from the Big Sleep.

To write and direct the semi-remake, WIP has hired Kurt Sutter, who claims to be a huge film noir fan. So far we haven't seen any feature work from the guy, but fans of TV's The Shieldmay be fans of his work. He's a co-executive producer of the show and he's written plenty of episodes, directed one as well. He also has another TV project coming soon to the FX channel, a dramatic series about outlaw motorcycle clubs. As far as feature scripts, he's worked on The Punisher 2(or whatever it's called, since it isn't a sequel), a thriller for Warner Bros. called The Unforgettableand Inland Saints, which is being directed by Joel Schumacher. Awaken the Dragon will be Sutter's feature directorial debut, and he says he's going to make it "more Raging Bullthan Crouching Tiger [Hidden Dragon]"-- at least in terms of the "viciousness" of its fight sequences. Instead of casting a known martial arts star for the role of the rogue monk, Sutter will be looking to discover someone new. The FBI agent, however, will be played by an American star.
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