Mr. Big. Some love him, some don't. Me, I've been all over the map with him. When I first saw Sex and the City, someone had given me their videotapes of the second season, and I thought they were the first. I kept wondering who that dark-haired guy with the big ego was, and wondered why Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw was so into him. Then I saw them all from the beginning and it made sense -- much more so than Miranda's Steve ever did. (Don't even get me started on that!) When the series ended, Carrie was finally back with Big, who finally made himself truly available -- so much so, that we actually found out that his name is John.

With a feature currently in the works, they just had to include Chris Noth. Luckily, he's in; he's signed on; it's official, so says Variety. I don't think they could've pulled off the sequel without him. To have Big out of the picture would go against all that was set up in the series finale, and to have him be out of town or something would've just been dumb. We've been following the project around for awhile, all the way back to its Mario Cantone rumor stages, and we've got almost nothing to share on the plot. Since Cantone says he's got a good amount of screen time, I'm betting on a Big wedding -- it makes the most sense. If Big really did finally commit, why else would Anthony be needed much in the film if Carrie wasn't finally tying the not? Because Samantha is? Doubtful. What do you think the whole shebang will be about?
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