I'm pretty picky about my teen movies. I can enjoy some of the fluffier fare (I didn't detest She's All That), but I usually need a reasonable balance between the unbelievable Hollywood spin and reality. I actually dug 10 Things I Hate About You, mainly because it's one of the few teen flicks that had some alternatively cool characters. I'm also pretty much with Erik Davis aboutElection being fab. So, I've got high hopes for The Sophomore, the new dark, teen comedy in the works, which used to be called Assassination of a High School President.

As Erik previously posted, the movie is about a sophomore reporter persuaded by the most popular girl at school (Mischa Barton) to look into the theft of SAT exams. Bruce Willis is playing the war vet, Catholic school principal, and Rumer, his daughter, is Barton's sidekick. Now we've finally got the reporter cast -- Reece Thompson. The young actor has been busy withthis year's feature film Rocket Science, as well as Zixx and Trollz on television, and a while ago he played the younger Beaver (Jason Lee) in Dreamcatcher. As the reporter, Thompson discovers that the school president (hence the old title) and big jock are responsible, and as The Hollywood Reporter describes it, "a more sinister conspiracy emerges."

If nothing else, I'll be happy to see Willis in a suit. I'm still waiting for the guy to do something comedically delicious like Moonlighting again, and at least this is half-way there -- part action hero (war vet bit), and part suit (principal bit). It'll also be interesting to see his kid in action, and frankly, the pic sounds better than the other one she's currently attached to.
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