I was just about to stop blogging and get some chores done when a friend sent me a couple news links, ones I really wish I knew about before. Bruce Campbell, the original, wonderful, cinematic Ash will be appearing at tomorrow night's Toronto performance of Evil Dead: The Musical. Ash...versus ASH! He's there to meet fans and participate in a Q&A that shouldn't be missed -- unless you're me, who can't make it. The musical is good enough, having a splatter zone is even better... But having Campbell there himself? It's un-flipping believable!

Even if you can't get to the T-Dot tomorrow night for the performance and Q&A, you really should do whatever you can to check out the musical. While I agree no one else could ever be Ash on the big screen, Ryan Ward is plain amazing on-stage. I've seen the production 5 times now -- through a few incarnations -- and my only complaint is that I like the old ending better. (Here's an old-school clip of one of the songs to check out.) But even still, between all the obligatory, fancy pants lines in place and the healthy torrents of blood in the first few rows (which you can enjoy with a beer in-hand), it's an experience not to miss. Heck, it even won the Audience Choice Award for this year's Dora Awards, and it wasn't even on the ballot. According to The Star, a write-in option was put on at the last minute, and the production won by an "overwhelming majority." Hail to the King, baby!

If any of you lucky readers are there tomorrow night, please give us unlucky folks the scoop in the comments!
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