I'm so proud! My current hometown of Dallas, Texas made the entertainment news this week because an aspiring singer went into labor while auditioning here for American Idol. Yes, it's a sad state of affairs, but Dallas is better known in some circles as a breeding ground for reality TV stars, like Kelly Clarkson from nearby Fort Worth, than as a hospitable place for independent filmmakers. Yet a good number of people who work both in front of and behind the camera call North Texas home. The Texas Film Commission has information on current projects.

As an example, consider an independent feature by Shalene Portman. In a refreshing change, her MySpace page doesn't hide her age (38) and plainly states: "After many years of searching, I have found my true calling. Movie making. I have just finished writing, producing and directing my first feature, The Significant Other." It sometimes feels like every movie nowadays is made by a teenager who's been making movies since he was in the womb, so it's nice to see folks who are a little older pursuing their dreams as well.

A romantic comedy, The Significant Otherstars Brittany Joyner as Clara, a single woman who opens a bed and breakfast. "Nosy neighbor ladies" get all fired up, convinced that Clara won't be safe with strangers in the house, and convince her to pretend she's married. After a disastrous attempt at Internet dating, Clara meets the man of her dreams. Misunderstandings ensue until "all hell breaks loose." The MySpace page for the film offers behind the scenes clips, three minutes of music from the soundtrack, and publicity stills. I'm a bit leery of the premise, but I'm hoping the execution of the material will be fresh. Portman is hoping to finish the film this fall.
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