Just like the internet itself, a photo of people presumably using the net yields infinite possibilities. Or at least 192, the number of captions we got for last week's Bourne Ultimatum contest. So what did we learn, besides that 75 percent of said possibilities in some way or another relate to porn? Well, apparently not everyone knows what "movie swag" is, as in, this week's winners will be receiving swag from The Bourne Ultimatum. Sorry, industry lingo. Swag is actually an acronym, I think, for "Stuff We A-holes Get" from movie studios at junkets or by mail that promote their films. It can range from tee-shirts to underwear to food to drug paraphernalia. And we love it (especially the underwear!), which is why we're glad to share it with you (on the weeks we can't give away guitars or HD players, that is). But enough about that, congrats to our winners.

The Bourne Ultimatum1. "You mean I had a MySpace page the whole time?" -- Sang K.

2. "Sorry, Matt, but I just can't figure out how to delete 'Bagger Vance' from you IMDB page."
-- David C.

3. "Yes. I will send Ben the picture of you and Martin Scorsese again." -- Bob H.

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This week we've got a photo of Nicole Kidman looking nice and crrrrr-azy from the horror remake The Invasion. She plays a psychiatrist good for a few freak-outs once aliens start occupying the bodies of humans everywhere (and here they thought they'd be greeted as liberators). Writers of our three favorite captions will win -- you guessed it -- swag from the movie, including a hat, tee-shirt, espresso beans and a flashlight that goes on by shaking it. Told ya swag is random. Good luck!

The Invasion