Many thanks to Erik for filling in for me on last week's Trailer Park. Now that I'm all rested and recreated, let's look at some films that take us to some weird place either internally or externally. This week on Trailer Park we're traveling from the inner mind to the outer limits.

Right at Your Door
In an all too believable scenario, several dirty bombs are detonated in Los Angeles, sending a radioactive cloud into the sky. Rory Cochrane -- who to me will always be that little stoner from Dazed and Confused -- plays Brad, a man whose wife has gone into the city and he wonders if he'll ever see her again. With the roads jammed, he attempts to make his home as airtight as possible, sealing up every crack and crevice. The radio warns against contact with anyone who was in the vicinity of the blasts as they will be highly contaminated, so when Brad's wife finally does make it back, it's not the happy homecoming we had all hoped for. As realistic as the premise may be, the trailer had me thinking about zombie movies. A large scale catastrophe which results in people barricading themselves inside for fear of the people outside? Sounds like Night of the Living Dead to me, which itself used radiation to explain the menace. Bleak and apocalyptic but fascinating as hell, I'm looking forward to seeing this one. The film starts its limited theatrical release to U.S. theaters on August 24. Have a look at the trailer right here:

The Nines
Usually I find myself gritting my teeth over trailers that don't actually tell you what the movie is about. Isn't that the whole point? This trailer plays its hand close to its vest, not really telling the viewer what's going on, but showing enough to really make me curious. Delightfully vague is how I would describe it. Ryan Reynolds plays three characters: a troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer who find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways. There appears to be some Matrix-esque reality bending at work here. Are these three different aspects of the same person? Are these characters in a computer game? Am I dying to find out? A resounding "yup" to the former. Cinematical's own Erik Davis posted an exclusive look at the poster here. The Nines goes into limited release on August 31.