Rush Hour 3 and Live and Let DieDon't the heroes and villains in action movies ever, well, actually watch action movies? If they did, good guys would always check to make sure the people they "killed" were really dead, bad guys would never stop to explain what they were doing, and no one would ever, EVER trust a super-helpful government official. (Especially one who acts as a father figure, or is played by Jon Voight. Shady!)

Unfortunately, heroes and villains in action movies must not have access to movie theaters or TVs, because they keep doing the same things, over and over and over again. We've compiled 16 of the worst action movie cliches we could think of, from the kidnapped daughter to the "whoops, my gun is out of bullets" moment -- but we barely touched the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at our list and then let us know: What's your favorite (or least favorite, as it were) action movie cliche?

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