Sometimes you find yourself pulling for an actor like you would for a favorite athlete or politician. (Hey, it could happen.) You know the drill, movie fans: You discover a performer in an early role, you take notice, and you then chart the course of that career as time goes by. Sometimes you're thrilled (like when my beloved Jennifer Connelly won an Oscar) and sometimes you're bummed (like when Jason Lee signs on for not only Underdog, but Alvin and the Chipmunks, too, for cryin' out loud) -- and sometimes you're left wondering just what the hell is going on...

Such is my perspective on Canadian actor Nathan Fillion. The way I see it, the guy could (with just a little help) become the next Harrison Ford (or OK, maybe Kurt Russell). On the other side, he could become the next Bruce Campbell -- which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Mr. Campbell has always resided on just this side of "the mainstream," seemingly more than content to dole out his genre-style goodies for the established fans who love the stuff while occasionally popping up in Hollywood flicks. And it's not like Bruce Campbell is having trouble keeping his bills paid.

But with only a handful of TV series and just a fistful of noteworthy movie roles, Mr. Fillion's career seems to be at an impasse: In one direction lies box office superstar. In the other ... legions of adoring fans who'll always make Fillion the most popular guy at the comics convention. Not a bad gig either way, but here's how we've arrived at this point:
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