Or perhaps they should just call it Indiana Jones and the Six Different Titles. A scooper sent Slashfilm a list of the latest Motion Pictures Association of America Title Registration Report. In moron terms, that's basically a list of all the movie titles each studio registers. And guess who just registered six different Indiana Jones-related titles? Yup, Lucasfilm, Ltd. Brace yourselves folks, because there's a very good chance the fourth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise will wind up using one of the following titles:

  • Indiana Jones and the City of Gods -- This has been the long-rumored working title for the film, and the one most of us thought would be used. Out of the remaining five, it's also the title I dig the most.
  • Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds -- What in God's name? Okay, this one sounds more like a Fantastic Four flick than an Indiana Jones movie. Unless, for some odd reason, Jones and the gang hook up with Galactus at some point. Perhaps? Nah.
  • Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth -- Too confusing. I'm not crazy about bringing the entire planet into the grand scheme of things; it sounds too large and fantastic for an Indy film.
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -- Not a bad title, but for some reason I think of He-Man when I read it. It's also a bit all over the place -- there's a crystal, a kingdom, a skull; I need an aspirin.
  • Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold -- No. No. 1987. It's been done. Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold. Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone -- does it ring a bell? And was I the only one addicted to watching that film? The "lost white race." I loved it!
  • Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant -- Ah, and here's where those "full circle" rumors come into play. If you listen to some, Indy might be searching once again for the Ark of the Covenant in this film -- coupled with the Karen Allen reunion, some feel Spielberg and Lucas might want to return to familiar territory. It would also mark the first time Indy went on a "quest." Righteous. But I still like the first title the best.

So, out of those six, which title would you like Indy to go with?

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