I can't imagine what it would take for an actor to sign up for something called Alone in the Dark 2. (Maybe they never saw the the originalUwe Boll flick.) I guess it makes for an easy enough paycheck, considering that the project is presently lensing in California and the actors can probably show up to shoot their parts over the course of four lazy days. But sign they did, and most of the cast members will be extremely familiar to anyone who's got a masters degree in modern horror cinema.

According to Bloody-Disgusting.com, here's who you'll find milling around in Alone in the Dark 2 -- which, for the record, is not being directed by Uwe Boll: Lance Henriksen (Bishop from Aliens), Rick Yune (evil henchman from Die Another Day), Dee Wallace (mom from E.T.), Ralf Moeller (Thorak from The Scorpion King), Bill Moseley (freaky dude from Rob Zombie's flicks), Danny Trejo (awesome Latino bad-ass from dozens of movies), Michael Pare (Eddie from Eddie and the Cruisers 2: Eddie Lives!), and the adorable newcomer Rachel Specter. The IMDb indicates that Jason Connery (yes, his son) is also in the AITD2 cast.

Although Mr. Boll is still involved as a producer, Alone 2 will be directed by the writing team of Mike Roesch and Pete Scheerer. They wrote the original Alone in the Dark -- and apparently that was enough to earn them this promotion. (They also penned the atrocious House of the Dead 2, so apparently they're the go-to guys for Uwe Boll sequels. How's that for a reliable gig?!?!) All snark aside, I wish Roesch and Scheerer the best of luck. They're already getting off on the right foot by NOT hiring Tara Reid -- plus they're in a sweet little comfort zone with this project: No matter how awful it might be, there's no way the sequel could be worse than the original. (And speaking of the outlandishly silly Alone in the Dark, be sure to get your director's cut on DVD later this month!) (Yeah, right.)
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