Horror fans are already well aware of a little horror flick called The Hole. Despite it debuting in the States as a direct-to-video title, The Hole offered not only Keira Knightley in sexy mode, but the adorable Thora Birch too. (OK, fine. And Desmond Harrington.) Plus I happened to really enjoy the Nick Hamm flick -- which happens pretty seldom where DTV titles are concerned. (Whatever happened to Mr. Hamm? He got one shot at Hollywood product -- the seriously lame Godsend -- and then vanished!)

This story is not about that movie. It's about another project called The Hole, one that screenwriter Mark L. Smith (of the rather underrated Vacancy) just sold to the production companies known as Bold and Benderspink. According to Variety, the plot is about two brothers who discover a mysterious hole in their basement -- only to realize that the hole leads somewhere decidedly horrific. Cool.

No word yet on who'll be starring, directing or even distributing -- but given how much I dug the old-school vibe of Vacancy (arriving on DVD August 14), I'll be keeping an eye out for The Hole. (Although I bet you the title changes before the movie hits the streets.)
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