Despite the fact that I find the 'comedy styling' of Will Arnett pretty hilarious, I just think that most directors don't know quite what to do with him. I mean, it's not like he can keep doing Will Ferrell sports comedies forever. So here's hoping that Andrew Currie has figured out how to make the most of Arnett's particular style of smarm. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Arnett's latest project (and there are plenty of them), Space Invader, has just secured Currie to direct. Currie was responsible for the Zombie laffer Fido back in 2006, so he has some experience with slightly "out-there" comedy. The story was inspired by the recent astronaut scandal, the "NASA Love Triangle". At this point I'm just wondering how they are going to work in the diaper jokes.

The script was written by Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger. The first-time screenwriters have mainly worked in TV, although the bad news is they were responsible for Just Shoot Me. Arnett is producing Invaders for Fox Atomic and seems to be keeping busy by creating his own starring vehicles -- Ryan's exclusive about Matchbreaker is just the latest of a series of deals for the comedian. Arnett has also just sold a pitch to Paramount with Dax Shephard about two hot tub salesmen in Japan, called Get em' Wet. Invader stars Arnett as "Doug Huggins, the son of a NASA legend, who is terrified of flying. When Huggins learns that his girlfriend, a rising aeronautic star, has been chosen to fly to the International Space Station with Stamp, a spaceman who is God's gift to space travel, he must overcome his fears and travel to space to win her back." Probably not the strongest concept, but hey, it's better than that "two guys in a hot tub" idea, don't ya think?
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