Here is your next interracial action buddy duo: Channing Tatum and Columbus Short. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the two young actors have been cast in an untitled movie for Columbia Pictures, and as usual the plot is being kept a secret. However, I'm sure you can guess the basic premise -- white guy and black guy are partnered against their will in order to thwart some type of crime, perhaps? They could be cops, they could be cons, they could be anything as long as they hate each other at first and then learn to work well together by film's end. Hopefully they aren't an ice cream man and a convenience store clerk, though, because we all know how the careers of Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding Jr. went following the release of Chill Factor. The script for Tatum and Short's film was written by David Elliot and Paul Lovett, who worked together on Four Brothers. Neal Moritz, who gave us the buddy action pic Blue Streak, as well as the Fast and the Furioustrilogy, is producing.

I'm excited about the possibility of this movie furthering Tatum's rise as a star. The first thing I saw him in was actuallly She's the Man, and I immediately recognized a talent not usually present in the guys cast as the love interest for that kind of movie -- pretty boys like Oliver James (What a Girl Wants; Raise Your Voice), Chad Michael Murray (Freaky Friday; A Cinderella Story), Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) and Matt Long (Sydney White) are a dime a dozen, and acting range isn't a job requirement. Next I saw Tatum in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, and I was completely sold on his possible future in Hollywood. For much of America, though, it was Step Up, which I haven't seen, that made him a familiar face. Coming up, the guy has at least two high profile movies set for release by early 2008 and he's got 4 projects in development, including a Step Up sequel.

As for Short, well, I must admit I haven't really seen him in anything. He and Tatum both appeared in War of the Worlds, but each was in a bit part and I certainly don't recognize him from that. Films he's starred in that you might have seen include Accepted, Stomp the Yardand Save the Last Dance 2. This fall he appears in This Christmas and next year he'll be seen opposite Kate Beckinsdale in Whiteout.
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