Anyone out there buy Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz as a married couple? Nah, me neither. Anyone out there buy Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz as two Vegas vacationers who get married while plastered only to participate in a massive battle when one of 'em wins a huge jackpot with the other one's quarter? Nah, I don't really swallow that one either. (Anyone out there have a clue as to what will happen at the end of this flick? I sure do.)

But that's not stopping Fox from moving forward on What Happens in Vegas..., an obviously broad-style romantic comedy that's scheduled for release next summer. Starter for 10 director Tom Vaughan steps into his first big-time studio gig with Vegas, and he's working from a screenplay by second-timer Dana Fox. (She also wrote -- brace yourself -- The Wedding Date.) So it sounds like a perfectly conventional summertime rom-com -- even though I still can't imagine Diaz and Kutcher as a couple.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, we may have two additional reasons to look forward to What Happens in Vegas... . (Is it just me or do you also hate it when movie titles end in ellipses??) Looks like Fox has settled on two actors to play the best friends of the leads -- and those actors are the seriously funny Rob Corddry and the seriously adorable Lake Bell. Mr. Corddry you probably know from The Daily Show, although he's also popped up in Failure to Launch, Blades of Glory and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Ms. Bell is best known for TV work (Miss Match, Surface, Boston Legal) but also has a bunch of movie projects in the pipeline.

Fox has claimed June 27 of next summer for their Vegas trip.
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