How much is your personal dignity worth? It is somewhere around $2,500? Then you might want to visit this website and offer your services, because apparently there are no shameful depths where celebrity is concerned. According to this amusing / depressing / nauseating report from ABC, a pair of enthusiastic entrepreneurs have built themselves a little cash cow -- by digging through the filthy refuse of famous human beings. Obviously the two geniuses are keeping their actual names a secret, because trash-picking is (for some strange reason) seen as a rather pathetic act.

But that hasn't stopped "Tom" and "Reed" from pocketing some cash for Paris Hilton's used dental floss, Harrison Ford's dead flowers and John Travolta's empty Pepsi cans. (Mr. Ford even tossed a screenplay into his trashcan!) And yes, these two inevitably smelly men actually "made a little over $2,500 off Paris Hilton's trash." (I don't know what's more pathetic: The guys who steal the garbage -- or the people who buy it. Oh wait, yes I do.) At least the owners of the new "business" realize how nasty it is: "We're just like, 'What's the worst possible idea we could come up with?' And this was it."

Really, "Tom"? Digging through peoples' trash for monetary gain is the worst possible idea you could come up with? Here's a bad idea you can add to the list: Agreeing to be interviewed for this ABC news story! Now what will you do when Cameron Diaz and Tom Hanks decide to lock their garbage up until trash day? Smelly AND brilliant, aren't ya? Plus, despite what you've been told, "Tom," it IS illegal to rifle through someone else's refuse. Better hold on to that $2,500 you got for Paris Hilton's used Kleenex! Frankly I find the whole thing disgusting. (Guys, call me when you get to Jennifer Connelly's house!)
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