The good folks over at The Weinstein Co. have provided Cinematical with an exclusive look at the first and final one-sheet for John Cusack's upcoming drama, Grace is Gone (click on the poster for a larger image). Not only have I heard that Cusack is exceptional (and perhaps Oscar-worthy) in his role, but the poster also confirms that Clint Eastwood, as previously rumored, did indeed re-score the film. Interesting. Grace is Gone follows a man (Cusack) who, after finding out his wife was killed in the Iraq war, decides to take his two daughters on a road trip to an amusement park because he can't quite figure out how to tell them their mother has passed on.

Our own James Rocchi reviewed the film when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and had this to say: "Grace is Gone has the look of life, and the glow of art. The film is as affecting -- and as ultimately human -- as one might hope, and it still brings home the ugly real fact that for too many Americans, the evening news isn't just background noise." Additionally, Cinematical'sScott Weinberg (who also caught the flick last winter) adds: "Melted the heart of this cynical jerk. Guaranteed to make my year-end Top 10." Grace is Gone arrives in theaters on October 5. Oh, and don't forget to bring those tissues -- I'm getting choked up just writing about it.