I pray you'll forgive me for bringing you up-to-date on some colorful DVD news that's (at least) three weeks old, but it just amuses me when a genre series keeps chugging along well after it probably should have been tossed into mothballs. (That doesn't include the new American Pie video sequels. There's nothing even remotely amusing about those things.) We've shared a fewtidbits on the third Species sequel (the second one to go straight to DVD), but Fangoria has a bunch of new info that just might amuse people who love silly sci-fi and blatant jiggle-factor. Yep, the series that brought together sci-fi, horror, Ben Kinglsey and Natasha Henstridge's (frequently) naked breasts is back! On October 2 you and your horny gorehound pals can gather 'round for MGM's Species 4: The Awakening!

Apparently this one's about a sexy college professor who is justifiably concerned after discovering that she's not human at all, but instead a human-alien hybrid that's about to go into heat and slaughter a bunch of men who *just* got to see her boobies. The flick stars (the stunning) Helena Mattsson as the inevitably undressed alien babe and Ben Cross as the uncle who tries to keep her one step ahead of some other freaky-murderous alien monsters. Sounds like a half-decent way to spend 80-some minutes, I suppose. Indie-maker and music video director Nick Lyon makes his studio debut on the project. Screenplay courtesy of Species 3 writer Ben Ripley, and Species 3 is a pretty solid chunk of fun trash.

In addition to the unrated version of Species 4, October 2 will also see the release of a 2-disc Species Special Edition -- which is kind of weird because I could have sworn there was a Species Special Edition released alongside Species 3. (There was.) This new set will include audio commentary with Ms. Henstridge, Michael Madsen and director Roger Donaldson, plus a whole second disc jam-packed with Species stuff. And you'll notice how I never once mentioned Species 2 during this entire article. That's because even I have some taste. (For a specs breakdown on the new Species SE -and- a bunch of gory pics from Species 4, hit up Fango for a few minutes.)
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