I swear to you, when I first read the headline for this story I thought, for a second, they were remaking the very awesome 1993 sports romantic comedy Airborne, starring Shane McDermott (whatever happened to him?), Seth Green and, in one of his first roles, Jack Black. But then I got realistic (I mean, out of any movie, why in the world would they remake freaking Airborne?), and realized that this is something entirely different. Variety reports that John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines) will rewrite and direct a different Airborne. Instead of focusing on a bunch of kids from Cincinnati who race each other on roller blades, Moore's Airborne looks to be an action flick set on an aircraft carrier. And the theme to Top Gun has officially entered my head.

Producer Arnold Kopelson acquired the original script, penned by Eric Tipton, using his Equus Media development fund, and has decided to hand it off to Moore for another go-round. They already have the Dept. of Navy's approval, but have not ironed out a start date just yet. Kopelson, along with his wife Anne, have produced some excellent films over the years -- including Platoon, Se7en and The Fugitive ("You find this man!"). Apart from Behind Enemy Lines, Moore directed last year's The Omen remake, as well as 2004's Flight of the Phoenix. Additional plot details are being kept under lock and key. Bummer.

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