With yet another indie role sliding onto his plate, Joseph Gordon-Levitt really has become the Indie King. He's slid past the terribly cliche and ever-rampant path of child actor-turned-unstable-adult, and is building an amazing indie career for himself. In May, I told you about The Frog King, his lone comedic project in a sea of drama. The film, which is letting the actor slip into the role of a wanna-be writer trying to win back his girlfriend, will be tv-great Darren Star's directorial debut, with a screenplay adapted by Bret Easton Ellis. But before he films that, he is going to star in Uncertainty -- a new film from The Deep End'sDavid Siegel and Scott McGehee.

The project sounds pretty interesting. The directorial pair wrote a script for the film, but it is just an outline -- the actors will be developing the dialogue with them. The story focuses on a young couple trying to make a big decision during the Fourth of July in New York City. As The Hollywood Reporter describes it: "the film is split into two versions of the same Fourth of July in New York, presenting a new series of unexpected choices the characters make." I imagine that means we'll see the paths of both possible decisions. Although we know Gordon-Levitt is starring, there is no word on who his co-star is. However, I imagine we'll find out soon, since the production is currently underway in New York.
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