For a while, I kept running into people who were all sorts of gaga for Kristen Wiig. I'd seen her on Saturday Night Live, and while I didn't dislike her, I didn't love her either. But she seems to sort of grow on you. At least, she did for me. She was one of the best parts of her latest film, Knocked Up, perfectly playing the queen of acidic, passive-aggressive comments. Now it's no wonder that her to-do list is overflowing with new work. As I told you in February, she's got a part in the musical comedy Walk Hard; she's co-starring in The Brothers Solomon (check out the trailer here); and she's even a part of Bill, which boasts the likes of Jessica Alba, Aaron Eckhart and Timothy Olyphant.

Now she's got two more roles to bite into, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Back in June, we brought word of Ghost Town -- the ultra-dramatic (I kid) flick about a guy who gets brought back to life after kicking the bucket during a colonoscopy. After his surgery, he can see dead people. Wiig is going to play the surgeon. Yes, an anal surgeon. The flick stars Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni and Greg Kinnear, and sounds wonderfully ridiculous to me. Topping that off, she's also got an indie lead in Paul Giamatti's Pretty Bird, which Erik Davis blogged about here, co-starring Billy Crudup and written/helmed by Paul Schneider. Giamatti plays a loser trying to get famous with a rocket belt invention, and the troubles that erupt when he gets help from his friends. There's no word on Wiig's role yet, but really, after an anal surgeon who almost kills Ricky Gervais, what could compete?!
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