With 60 years of films safely under its belt, the Locarno International Film Festival announced its winners over the weekend. While the festival had a bit of a decline in numbers since last year, it still had some big names and films screened -- including appearances by Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan, who were there for Planet Terror (it's nice to see that Death Proof isn't the only part of Grindhouse to get some buzz). It also screened some impressive, dramatic films that scored Golden Leopards, picked by a jury from Europe, Brazil and China. Without further ado:

Grand Prize:
The Rebirth (Ai No Yokan) -- Masahiro Kobayashi
This film stars the Japanese filmmaker as a man who bonds with the mother of the girl who killed his daughter.

Special Jury Prize:Memories -- Pedro Costa, Harun Farockis, Eugène Green
This is a digital project of three, half-hour films by the directors, titled: Correspondences, Respite & The Rabbit Hunters.

Best Director: Philippe Ramos -- Capitaine Achab
While based on the classic Moby Dick, Achab gives back story to the famous sea man.

Best Actress: Marian Alvares -- Lo mejor de mi
Alvares won the award for her portrayal of Raquel -- a woman whose husband needs a liver transplant.

Best Actor: TIE
Michel Piccoli in Sous les toits de Paris
Arthouse fare, this film covers the decline of an elderly man in Paris.

Michele Venitucci in Fuori Dalle Corde
Fuori tackles the story of Mike, a young, dreaming boxer trying to make it in the dangerous real world.

Special mention: Cho Sang-Yoon, cinematographer for Boys of Tomorrow by Noh Dong-Seok

For other prizes, check out indieWIRE and the festival's website.
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